Ottimomassimo invites all lovers of children's and young people's literature, writing, illustrators and all those who care about the world of publishing to participate in our new project.

OttimoCowo is a place where you can cross knowledge, train, find traveling companions for your projects, start discussions and reasoning on the state of the art of literature.

To participate you can choose between two possibilities: become a friend of Ottimomassimo (follow our initiatives and do workshops with us, participate in events and propose your own) or take a place in the bookshop to work here, in the heart of Cowo, on your projects .

come visit

Book a visit to see the stations and learn more about the project, so when you arrive in bookshop you will find one of us ready to welcome you and present all our services.

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Come join a group that creates, draws, writes and thinks with you. A super library with the most beautiful books published in recent years, but also rare texts out of print, space to work and think, space to hold your art, painting, writing workshops, also event secretariat, shop, cafeteria, relaxation space, with discounts on book purchases and people to take your next step with.


Become a friend of Ottimomassimo. Support your favorite bookstore and participate in its activities. Here's what you'll have access to:

  • participate in our events
  • rent space in CoWo
  • consult books in the library
  • save: 5% discount on books
  • rent the room for your workshops
  • take advantage of the shipping service
€10 +VAT
Per month


Are we already Excellent friends ? Take a seat at Ottimomassimo,
your new desk awaits you!

Coworking hours

Monday—Friday, 9.00—18.00 (Access reserved for Optiiamici).

Coworking subscriptions

€50 +VAT
Who loves
€150 +VAT
Who loves

NB For subscriptions contact us, so we can check the availability of the stations together.

Temporary workstation rates

€15 +VAT
€5 +VAT

NB The hourly rate is reserved for workstations on shared desktops.

For reservations
Who loves


If you are a friend of Ottimomassimo you will be able to take advantage of our services designed specifically for your laboratories:

Laboratory room

Room equipped with 15 seats around a table, use of the projector, use of the sink, non-perishable materials (scissors, colours, brushes...). Available from Monday to Sunday, from 9.00 to 18.00.


We can make our communication channels available to convey information about your business (on our social profiles and in the Ottimomassimo newsletter).

Research and procurement of materials

Do you need help finding the materials needed for your laboratory? Let us know what you'll need and we'll work hard to help you make sure everything is ready when you start.


Whether it is a single appointment or a series of meetings, we can take care of the management of reservations, cancellations, information requests and communications.

Excellent services

If you are a friend of Ottimomassimo we are also at your side for:

• gender consultancy on text or illustrations

• first reading with card

• illustrator consultancy or professional illustrator

• publication consultancy

• professional meetings with publishing houses and beyond

• editor selection for proposal

• training on the topics of children's literature

• proofreading and other postediting services

• training on reading promotion

• layout

• logistical support for your shipments

• request for press quotes and much more!

come visit

Book a visit to see the stations and learn more about the project, so when you arrive in bookshop you will find one of us ready to welcome you and present all our services.

Book a visit

Ottimo Massimo è il cane bassotto di Cosimo Piovasco, il barone rampante di Italo Calvino, che dà il nome alla nostra libreria.

Il disegno di Ottimomassimo, che ci accompagna alla scoperta del sito, è stato un regalo di Vladimir Radunsky.

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