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An independent bookshop (actually three) specializing in illustrated books and activities for boys and girls, workshops and training on the themes of children's literature*.

Ottimomassimo is in Rome with the permanent, online and on-wheels bookshop for all of Italy!

*Looking for a way to include everyone, we will use the schwa on our site, which serves to make the word neutral and is more beautiful than the asterisk.

Illustration by Felicita Sala

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Do you need advice tailored to you? Ask us!

To do this best we need to know who you are and what you like. We will reply to you with a small tailor-made bibliography with suggestions for the readings or further information you need for the boys and girls you read with; it will be a bit like coming to the bookshop!

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Traveling bookshop




A community of people who love literature for girls and boys and the activities it generates

Project "Digital and itinerant libraries for the future"

The project involved an intervention aimed at equipping Ottimomassimo with a system of interconnected portkeys, capable of making the user jump from the physical space of the bookshop to the multiverse of its digital platform.
So the online presence of the bookshop is no longer just a showcase, nor a simple eCommerce, it is not a mere digital copy of reality.

The existence of Ottimomassimo in bits becomes an opportunity to provide additional content, to help the user in his exploration of the library, to guide him from home to discover the Ottimomassimo world and its proposals, to create a community around the idea that Ottimomassimo has of publishing and the world of childhood, and of all the adults who have not stopped dreaming with fairy tales.

Financial support received €10,000

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Are you looking for a creative environment tailor-made for you?

Come and discover our new space and services dedicated to you who love and work with the literature of quality for girls of all ages.
Book a visit to see the stations and learn more the project, so when you arrive at the bookshop you will find one of us ready to welcome you and introduce you all our services.

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Ottimo Massimo è il cane bassotto di Cosimo Piovasco, il barone rampante di Italo Calvino, che dà il nome alla nostra libreria.

Il disegno di Ottimomassimo, che ci accompagna alla scoperta del sito, è stato un regalo di Vladimir Radunsky.

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