Story&Lab is a reading laboratory that arrives directly in your mailbox. Your favorite stories become manual activities: the ideal solution for reading and having fun together!

Every month you will receive a different story, always curated and of great quality, together with a paper workshop inspired by the story. A happy moment made of timeless stories and activities to be discovered: Story&Lab is your monthly surprise!

An excellent activity also (but not only) for teachers, uncles looking for ideas, cutting-edge grandparents and gloomy afternoons away from the screens.

Story&Lab is recommended for boys and girls aged 3 to 6 years.

If you want to grow little big readers, subscribe to Story&Lab!



Story&Lab is a gift
that lasts all year!

Give Story&Lab to your favorite little girl or boy!

Enter your address and tell us your email in the Special instructions for the seller section: you will receive a personalized letter and a new surprise every month... a gift multiplied by as much as you want!


We like to think that each workshop is, for you, a small, anxious surprise. Every month a story and an activity to do together inspired by reading will be waiting for you in your mailbox. The books, which we choose with care, will help you reflect on animals, different cultures, the seasons and the daily wonders that surround us.

We will choose the Story&Lab to send from time to time but we promise that you will never receive two the same ones!

Two hours will be enough to share, a welcoming room or a towel on a lawn, the desire to do things with your little readers. Then: a voice to read the story, a pinch of curiosity to think about it together, a bit of ingenuity to put everything in the right place (or almost), two pairs of eyes wide open to the wonder of the things done! Colors, scissors and tape… sometimes.

Story&lab stories are designed for children aged 3 to 6 years. Story&Lab is an activity to do together as a family, with older siblings or with friends. Also great for small groups and birthday parties.

You can choose the formula that best suits your needs: a monthly subscription that renews automatically, or a six-monthly and annual subscription that are paid in advance. We believe it is important to acquire a reading routine, which is why 6 and 12 month subscriptions are more convenient.

Story&Lab can also be a special gift, just indicate the address of the child who will receive it.

The Story&Labs are shipped from our bookshop in Trastevere (Rome) on the 9th of each month and arrive directly at your home no later than 10 working days. For any consultation regarding shipping and delivery times, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For bookshop customers, it is possible to collect the Story&Labs at our offices in Trastevere (Via Manara, 16/17) and San Giovanni (Via Rimini, 9) starting from the 9th of each month.

Sometimes packages can get damaged during shipping. If this happens, please contact us. Send us the photos to this email and we will send you a new package!

Damn! Excuse me! Unfortunately it can happen, Story&Lab's production is artisanal, and (even if we try to be careful) there could be errors. Send us an email and we will send you everything missing!

Story&Lab shipping is €2.99. For six-monthly and annual subscriptions, shipping of all packages (6 or 12) is paid in advance, but don't worry! You save on that too.

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