Bengt-Erik Engholm

From ape to sapiens: a brief history of humanity

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Publisher: The new frontier

Since it is clear that you will have to fix this disaster of a world that we are delivering to you, here is a book to document you, more or less, on how things have gone so far. You will learn how important stories are in our evolution and how it happened that some became strong and powerful while others had to suffer the most terrible injustices. Read well and, armed with a critical sense, remember that the thoughts of men and women are always the result of the knowledge they have and that could come, of discoveries that change everything we know about history (like the feathers on dinosaurs). The book has some funny illustrations and makes us think about many things. What is trade, why do people have needs, why do they live in cities instead of everyone on farms, how did we evolve. In short, nice, but who knows if all these theories will not be swept away by some new discovery. The ideal would be to be able to travel in time to go and check!

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