Torben Kuhlmann

Einstein. The fantastic journey of a mouse through time and space

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Publisher: Orecchio acerbo

Nothing makes a mouse's whiskers twitch like the world's biggest cheese fest; nothing would make him sadder than knowing that the party was just yesterday, and not today like he thought.

An encounter with a watchmaker mouse and the theories of a wacky future scientist will help him build a machine to go back in time... but wait, that's too far back!

In this book, a bit science fiction and a bit bizarre, mysterious events from the past will be explained, or rather, created by the traveling mouse. And it seems that we also owe the formulation of the theory of relativity, explained here in a child-friendly way, to him, a little mouse whose only desire was to have lots and lots of cheese.

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Il disegno di Ottimomassimo, che ci accompagna alla scoperta del sito, è stato un regalo di Vladimir Radunsky.

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