Adam Allsuch Boardman

Illustrated History of UFOs

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Publisher: Einaudi Ragazzi

I found this crazy book, it talks about UFOs: unidentified flying objects. Its author was passionate and collected all the testimonies, stories and forms that UFOs have had in the history of ufology.
Ah but there are some other very interesting things. All the forms of all the UFOs sighted by people over time, all the mysterious stories, like that of the green children who were found in Woolpit in England and lived with the population for a few years.
It's about the Bermuda Triangle and all the ships and planes that have disappeared in it and also the people who say they were abducted by aliens. It tells of the writers who invented stories about aliens, terrorizing the population who believed them, and how governments research the topic.
It seems like a really interesting book to me, it reveals the fear and desire we have of not being alone in this great universe. What do you think about it? Are there aliens?


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