Galia Bernstein

One of you

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Simon is a feline, but his mane is not as thick as Lion's and his hair does not have even a tuft of Tiger's orange, he does not live in the jungle like Panther or in the mountains like Puma, and in a speed race with Cheetah he would surely lose.

But then it's not a feline! you will exclaim; and indeed Lion, Tiger, Panther, Puma and Cheetah all agree. Simon, however, is not fooled: each one has its own particularities, but if we look closer, if we are careful enough, if we overcome the differences, here it is! We are more similar than we think, yet incredibly different.

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Ottimo Massimo è il cane bassotto di Cosimo Piovasco, il barone rampante di Italo Calvino, che dà il nome alla nostra libreria.

Il disegno di Ottimomassimo, che ci accompagna alla scoperta del sito, è stato un regalo di Vladimir Radunsky.

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