The Third Chair

The Third Chair

On "Ottimomassimo itinerant" we have three chairs, even if we are usually present two at a time.

The third chair is the invitation to sit down for those who pass by and tell the stories. Here, on the border, we have already collected a few: a very nice lady from Catania told us about her friends who "just in case" promised things but then didn't do them. “I'm old school,” he told us in his beautiful accent and infectious laugh. A couple of holidaymakers, however, told us that they will soon open a bookshop, they shared their projects and doubts with us and we hope we have given them good advice!

Nino, our neighbor, borrows the chair because it has armrests and is decidedly more comfortable than the bench.
Paola comes to visit us a few evenings and sits with us at dinner and tells us the stories of the island and introduces us to the guests of her b&b Cala Pisana (all readers!) !

Then there's Riccardino who sat down for a little chat and is now our official assistant, he doesn't remember well whether he has to go to third or fourth grade but he tells some wonderful stories.

In short, the third chair is free, every story is welcome!

Ottimo Massimo è il cane bassotto di Cosimo Piovasco, il barone rampante di Italo Calvino, che dà il nome alla nostra libreria.

Il disegno di Ottimomassimo, che ci accompagna alla scoperta del sito, è stato un regalo di Vladimir Radunsky.

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