On the island there is a small cemetery that we want to tell you about. The Lampedusa cemetery also welcomes people who die at sea, the Lampedusa solidarity forum is trying to take care of the graves of these people as we take care of those who are part of our family so that those who visit them remember to dedicate a thought to them, so that they look for to understand its meaning. A cemetery is like a book, every page must be read and thought about. A cemetery says that we must take care of the memory of those who passed through these places before us, give it a place and take care of it. If you pass by the island or if you are far from home, go and visit the local cemetery, read that book too. Talk to the children about what it means to be remembered and how it should be done. Don't worry, they are already full of thoughts about death... it will be a conversation you will remember for a long time.

Ottimo Massimo è il cane bassotto di Cosimo Piovasco, il barone rampante di Italo Calvino, che dà il nome alla nostra libreria.

Il disegno di Ottimomassimo, che ci accompagna alla scoperta del sito, è stato un regalo di Vladimir Radunsky.

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