Responsible tourists

Responsible tourists
The island is really crowded in summer.
New people arrive every week. Throngs of bathers, tourists who bring the beauty of the sea and nature into their eyes. In the few moments of silence we seemed to hear the island moaning, a snort, a silent suffering. A sense of pity for a territory so intensely exploited...everyone takes away, no "tourist" comes to donate, no one (and not only here) tries to go to the places they visit thinking of leaving the territory better than they have it rather, he demands that everything be comfortable and beautiful: he has paid and his money makes him demanding. The entire thinking related to tourism should be turned upside down. You go and in exchange for the beauty and the holiday, in exchange for everything you take in experiences and wonder, you give something to the world besides money, you nourish and enrich yourself with what you know how to do.
Here are some ideas we came up with:
-the beach you like best, you take care of it, you clean it, you remove the pieces of plastic you find. Take care of it for a few days.
-repopulates the sea instead of fishing (here you need to equip yourself with 🐟 )
-teach a local a thing
-plant a seed somewhere
-fix a broken thing even if it doesn't belong to you
-find out if the owners of your b&b need help with anything.
-draw a drawing and leave it in your apartment
It would be brilliant if, after the summer, all places were better than when we found them. That the world would experience its brightest moment after the vacationers passed. That after the summer everything was stronger, richer instead of just more tired and downtrodden.
Help us find more examples of what can be done to improve the world
* we said "no one" but surely someone already does it!

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