While you sleep. Goodnight compendium

While you sleep. Goodnight compendium

While you sleep a lot of things happen all around.

Mums and dads (but also grandparents and uncles) give you the last goodnight kiss, and it may happen that they fall asleep even before saying " Go to bed, my love! ", or that they are unable to close their eyes for that terrifying final kiss. story they read to you from One-Minute Terror Stories . Then it's your job to get into the bed with them and hold them tight to chase away their fears.

"Goodnight" page

Goodnight - Charly Delwart

Page of "To bed, my love!"
Off to bed, my love! - Astrid Desbordes
"One Minute Horror Stories" page

One minute terror stories - AA.VV

If sleep doesn't want to come, perhaps it would be appropriate to prepare that tea of ​​tears that Owl likes to make or borrow some vegetable soup from Mr. Lepron . He's always a very kind guy, and it's said that his soup is made of dreams (but no one knows for sure: it's a secret recipe).

Owl page, it's time to sleep

Owl, it's time to sleep - Arnold Lobel

Page of "The Lepron soup"

Lepron soup - Giovanna Zoboli

You just can't sleep and are tired of counting sheep or being afraid of the dark? While you sleep , at night, a whole part of the world is busy: there are those who sort parcels and those who deliver food; doctors treat in hospitals and cashiers sell in supermarkets 24 hours a day; there are those who make bread and those who return from a party; foxes, hares and owls are hunting and, at the opposite pole from your house, another child is at school, taking a swim, or watching TV!

"While You Sleep" page

While You Sleep - Mick Jackson

Even in the zoo all the animals are awake and have no intention of sleeping alone. Luckily Gorilla finds the perfect place to be together... too bad that guardian Joe doesn't like the idea at all!

"Goodnight. Gorilla" page

Goodnight, Gorilla! - Peggy Rathmann

The stuffed animals left One Night at the Library , on the other hand, are choosing the perfect book to give you in the morning. Helped by the librarians, of course!

"A night in the library" page
A Night in the Library - Kazuhito Kazeki

Did you take everything? Are you ready? Engine, action... zzzz. Have a safe trip little one !

"Have a good trip Piccolino" page

Have a good trip little one - Beatrice Alemagna

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