Thanks to the families of readers

Thanks to the families of readers

Reading is becoming a gesture of silent revolution, raising children as readers is the sign of a latent madness in families that otherwise seem "normal".

Nobody notices them, nobody rewards them, they seem crazy. They always approach the bookshop with the same look as castaways who land on an island inhabited by friends.

Yet the further we proceed in these tormented years, the more evident is the power and greatness of this instrument invented by wiser men and women with more time to think than us.

Reading, making people read, living a family that overcomes that "god I love children's books" phase which infects frivolous mothers who then abandon the path as soon as their children are old enough to read a book which involves the effort to delve into the second skin of living... telling stories.

The families of readers are nice, they are calm, they come to the bookshop with an idea: let's spend time among books. They teach their children to choose, they choose for them, building a constellation of books that will illuminate their path. The families who decide on this path have jokes and anecdotes linked to the stories. They question themselves, they know the folly of their choice but they cannot do without it.

Children grow up with a great ally, who they often lose sight of for more or less long periods. But it's there, in your pocket, like the babayaga doll, like an amulet... you just need it and the possibility is open: look for a story and enter it completely, heart, body and thoughts all. Breathe again, find solutions. A precious gift reminiscent of fairy tales.

The magic of stories has no moments of crisis, there is no possibility of scratching their greatness, their majesty, you just have to have the courage to choose their path and we want to give a big round of applause and give great encouragement to the parents of the families of readers.

We see you! We know what you are doing for the world. Go on like this!

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